It's quick and easy to start auction and bid on TourDragon.

The following scenario helps to illustrate how TourDragon bidding system works:

  • Start

    Sam, the traveller, uploads a tour package for a reverse auction on TouDragon, with duration of 24 or 48 or 72 hours.

  • Travel Companies start bidding

    tour dragon allows only top tour operators from each destination to bid.

  • The first bid

    is from X travel Company, who bids $100.

  • The second bid

    is from Z Company, which bids $95.

  • X travel company

    tries again, bidding $90 and the auction goes on...

  • During the final moments

    of the auction, a new bidder named W travel company bids 70$.

  • Automatic bidding

    TourDragon can automatically bids on any travel company's behalf if requested and informed about how much he is willing to go down in price so you don’t need to be present till the last moments of the auction.

  • Winning bid

    $70; Winner: W travel company.

  • The auction ends

    W travel company is the lowest bidder and wins

  • Traveller will be notified

    then proceed with payment though tourdragon which keep the money till the clients perform the tour and we check that everything went as planned then we transfer the money to the winner tour operator.